Bebitza Breast Feeding Cover Modal Leopard Print

Leopard Breastfeeding shawl designed for privacy, versatile fitting allows moms of all sizes to conceal the chest, stomach, and back areas comfortably in style. ... Learn More
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The Breastfeeding Blanket in leopard print modal is an iconic statement of femininity. Beautifully designed for complete privacy, its versatile fitting allows mums of all sizes to fully conceal the chest, stomach and back areas comfortably in style. Made from quality modal fabric, it is resistant to shrinkage and fading.

Innovative in design and simple to use, The Breastfeeding Blanket is a discreet option for mothers everywhere. Drapes comfortably like a shawl, but fully conceals the chest, stomach and back, offering privacy to mother and baby in any setting.

Crush resistant and comfy, repeated washing provides extra softness. An added bonus, its lightness is ideal for use in warmer temperatures. Featuring a secure fastener, mom is able to maintain eye contact with baby during nursery, even while adjusting the blanket. 

Featuring multiple applications, such as shawl, blanket, baby wrap, and stroller cover, the Breastfeeding Blanket is a simple and elegant way of bringing you and your baby closer together.

 One size fits all, available in Cobalt Blue and Leopard Print.


One size fits all

60' x 60'

Bebitza Breast Feeding Cover Modal Leopard Print Safety Info


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