PRIMO Works to Help Parents with Disabilities, LapBaby

Dec 04, 2017
by Primo Baby

PRIMO makes sweeping changes to how we sit with baby, targets struggles experienced by parents with disabilities

Newark, New Jersey – December 2017

PRIMO, creators of the EuroBath and 4-in-1 Toilet Trainer, were excited to unveil their latest product in March of 2017, the PRIMO LapBaby. Designed by a working mother on maternity leave, PRIMO quickly found the LapBaby to be the perfect solution to one of parenting’s universal struggles; no longer being able to use both hands while cradling your child on your lap.


But months later, PRIMO is starting to hear how one of the underrepresented groups of parents, parents with disabilities, has come to embrace the LapBaby. Prior to the product launch, PRIMO had hoped that the LapBaby would alleviate some of the difficulties of being a handicapped parent. Chloe Roberts, the LapBaby’s designer, worked with the Disabled Parenting Project prior to its American launch to get feedback. Reviewed by DPP co-founders Erin Andrews and Robyn Powell, the team tested the product individually, discovering how simple it was to use and how effective it could be to those wheelchair-bound.


Link to DPP’s Review of the LapBaby, authored by Robyn Powell and Erin Andrews


Despite suffering from bilateral hip disarticulation, described in her words as “I don’t have a lap”, Erin was very happy with the LapBaby. Her and her daughter of 18 months were able to appreciate how effective and simple it is to use. Her favorite part of the LapBaby was how effective it is on an airplane. From her review, “Like other budget conscious parents, I fly with my babies as a “lap child” until it’s no longer allowed. If there are no extra seats, I truly have to hold her on my nonexistent lap. LapBaby was invaluable – saved my arm and helped me keep baby somewhat contained.”


Robyn was even more impressed with the PRIMO LapBaby, praising its effectiveness. “In many ways, it was like a dream come true- this was the first time I felt 100% sure I would not drop her” writes Robyn, after worrying that the LapBaby will be just like other products she had used with her nephew. She also enjoyed the toy strap, allowing her niece Riley to play without worry of dropping her toy to the floor.


Recently, another review has been put up online showcasing the effectiveness of the LapBaby with a parent with disabilities. Elizabeth Bunton found the PRIMO LapBaby to be simple and comfortable, and found the use of both hands allowed her to maneuver in her wheelchair with her baby on her lap.


Link to Elizabeth – Lizzybuntonvlogs, a video review of the LapBaby by Elizabeth Bunton


PRIMO is proud to provide solutions for parents around the world, and bring parents closer to their baby. The PRIMO LapBaby is available now online at, and at select online retailers. MSRP $34.99, inquiries for wholesale pricing can be emailed to

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